RamaPhuza Thudsday Face Mask - Adult size

RamaPhuza Thudsday Face Mask - Adult size

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Reusable Fabric Mask WITH Removable filter (150gsm)

These masks are water resistant and have been coated with an antimicrobial spray for added protection. Each mask can be used up to 100 washes and it is recommended to replace the filter weekly however one can also take the filters out and boil them in hot water to sterilize them and increase their lifespan.

*Inner and outer composition – non woven 100% polyester mini-mat

**Filter – Tested and ISO 14644-8 approved against airborne viruses

Each mask comes with one extra filter. Additional ones can be purchased.

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Our garments are locally produced. This allows us to keep on top of quality, but more importantly, drive local employment.

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