Family Box | Social Outreach

Family Box | Social Outreach

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I think we can all admit that it has been a long couple of months. Work is scarce, times are tough and to top it all off, winter is around the corner. Spare a thought for the less fortunate amongst us and join Custom Apparel in doing our bit to help keep South Africa warm this winter.

Purchase any of the three ‘Clothing Boxes’ below and we will have them delivered to those in need. Each box will contain at least 5 items of clothing as well as a reusable face mask. Personalise your box choice with a few caring words, we could all do with some support this year.

*For those enquiring, all items are brand new and are either old stock or extra units of previous orders we have manufactured. Nothing is used or worn.

This box will contain:
3 X Jerseys
1 X Tights
1 X Shorts
4 X Shirts
2 X Mask

Why choose us?


Since day one, Custom Apparel have been driven to providing our customers with the highest quality garment at great value.


Our garments are locally produced. This allows us to keep on top of quality, but more importantly, drive local employment.

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