CA High-Waisted Platinum Tights

We believe we have thought of it all. Making your decision to love our tights, only natural. This edition shares all the details; including inspiration, concept creation and processes of the making of our CA Platinum High-Waisted Tights. Following the success of our Custom Tights, we wanted to develop more on the straight band and identified the popular trend of “high-waisted”. Inspiring us to design a new, innovative leggings pattern to give both style and more comfort.

We’ve designed the high-waisted feature to meet our style requirements, from listening to our customers, but also in extreme comfort. Going beyond the simple standard of a straight cut waistband to designing the cross over V. Not only making you look great but this feature also allows for free movement in the abdominal section when bending and exercising, catering for ALL body types. As we believe everyone is beautiful and deserves to feel confident!

Movability is essential with gym garments and, at Custom Apparel; we truly believe in this, so we explored all the fabrics available to us and found only the best for our customers. We wanted a fabric that gave a snug fit, holding you in, in all the right places but gave no extra reveals when pushing your body at the gym (#SquatProof). Not many fabrics succeeded in meeting our criteria – neither our stress test, moisture management tests, nor our ‘second-skin’ tests.

Until we found our current material (we cannot reveal too much here) which is of the best quality available in the country. It is a compression garment, which creates a tight fit and second skin feel. It comes in a variety of colours, black, burgundy, plum, magenta and orange, letting you stand out as much as possible or match your smouldering mood.